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No More Jewel Quest

on July 25, 2013

jewelry 002

No, I’m not talking about the game, although I do enjoy it.  I’m talking about jewelry.  I got sick and tired of being in a rush, looking for a pair of earrings and only finding one of the pair, or spending precious time untangling a knot in a chain.  How did it get into a knot anyway?  Are there jewelry gremlins that sneak into our jewelry boxes at night and maliciously tie them into knots?  I’m not talking easy to untie knots, I’m talking tight, impossible ones.  Argh!

Anyway, one day I was looking at my container that I use for beads (I also use them for embroidery floss) and thought, “YES! This WILL work!”  It was truly a light bulb moment.  You know the kind of container that  I mean.  You can purchase them at Walmart or a craft store for about $2.00.  They are plastic and have little divided compartments and an attached lid.

jewelry 003

Well, I purchased two.  One for silver and one for gold.  Next I used small stickers, again from Walmart, and labeled the lid with what was in the compartment beneath it.  Think Whitman’s Sampler box with the diagram of what is inside the chocolate  goodies.  Without that diagram, I poke my finger into the bottom of the chocolate, and if it’s something I don’t like, I moosh it back together and hand it to my husband…with a smile.  Anyway, before I digress about my love of chocolate, the jewelry box works the same way.  The label on the top of the box says “pearls” and I can see the pearls in the container directly beneath the label.  And guys, this is not just an idea for the ladies.  Men have jewelry, too.

jewelry 001jewelry 002


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